It is the times;

When I go on Amazon their server recognizes not me but my computer, and my IP address. Sure my first name pops up but I could be anyone else and it will sign me in by my first name. It uses to ask me for a password, but I guess it just trusts me now. Either way, since Facebook got slap with a huge fine it is only a matter of time that the bad guys break into Amazon server and steal names, credit card numbers, and passwords.

Facebook is the fall guy when Americans who used Facebook put their personal information on their site only to find that bad guys can use that information against them. With so many people using that site each second (yes seconds) it is very hard trying to keep out the bad guys from ruining it for everyone else.

I have used it to find out who is friends to people I know which can be over a wide selection of people worldwide.

During the 2016 American elections there was a company to gather nearly 90 million Facebook accounts names and what these people put on their Facebook accounts, their likes and dislikes and especially who they were going to vote for in the upcoming elections That info was then sold to both sides Republicans and Democrats who could target that Facebook account with reasons to vote for the right person.

Back then which is only a few years many people who voted for Trump did not have Facebook accounts matter of fact they even lack cell phones and computers. Relied on newsprint to get their information on the candidates.

Should remember that it is all about marketing that those Facebook names are a goldmine to people who want to sell their products. For example, if I'm selling blue teddy bears to young girls their Facebook accounts will be my target. Whereas if I want to sell solar panels it will be toward those who have homes in a location that has a fair number of sunny days.

Gathering of information might put off some people, but that is what the world in an advertisement is doing. To stay in business those companies use social media to sell products.

Even with Facebook higher security in keeping private information only in the hands of Facebook account members will be a challenge when so many people continue to put personal information into their accounts.



Facebook Applications

It is a book on how to do stuff on Facebook giving you access to the workings of Facebook. At least it could have been back in the year 2008 when this book came out. By what I have read is that it was almost an open form of having third parties write code for nothing as Facebook grew and it accepted those codes it made Facebook stronger.

Freewheeling days of Facebook that open their servers to like-minded geeks and nerds who wanted to put in their codes to a new and expanding media.

It could mean that those who wanted to influence others on Facebook could write codes that would lead others to their site. In 2016 "others" who had fun with the America public also made a lot of money by commenting on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigning. They even set up phony accounts where one account praise either side and the other account damn either side.

ABC TV did a story on wherein a small out of the way village in Europe ran those sites and haul in 6 figure incomes to the owners. Yes, they played on people's emotions put up stories for the liberals and the conservatives to wrap their arms around. Rewrote real news stories with twists and turns just enough to make them look real. Donald Trump even coins the words of Fake News and he was right for it was aimed at those voters who either lack good judgment or had no way of checking the origin of that news.

Even in today's news with POTUS tweeting 12 times a day getting it right is hard since so many tweets are tongue in the cheek tweets.

Facebook has tightened up its rules on what can be put up under their name. Another way to control what is said on Facebook is to randomly freeze accounts. Letting its computers pick those that seem most or too active.

When you look at the number of people who have smartphones you can see how easy it is to influence people of all ages. I do mean of all ages who it seems do have their own credit card numbers so they can buy just about any product shove to them.

If those who are currently running for the current POTUS chair in the Oval office they will flood their message via Facebook by having friends talk to friends. Even if they are perfect strangers.





In the world that is always looking not only the next product, but how much does it cost. One of the things that has been used for decades is silkworm silk. From everything, clothing to rope. One of the new items being looked at is spider silk and it various forms that the spider can produce in spinning its web. By genetically modified the spider itself results in new never seen spider silk with strength as well as color.

While you would need a lot of spiders each that has been modified to make a enough silk for a rope, the new silk can be made in the laboratory then made on a larger commercial scale. It is the chemistry of the silks that can be used to make either clothing or again a very light weight, with superb strength rope.

Other insects have been study one reason is there low cost in upkeep. Unlike animals there has not been an uproar about using insects when it comes to product testing.


One thing about a news media person holding a camera is to take a lot of pictures. I do mean a lot. Taking a few thousands snaps at a political event is not uncommon. Taking a lot of pictures of political hopefuls embracing every one in sight is not uncommon. Donald Trump did a lot of that before he became President. Handshaking and pats on the backs were common. As were snaps of young ladies both smiling as if they knew each other for years. During the 2016 Republican convention just about every female in the place spent a couple of seconds with Trump as an another person snap a picture.

Trump was photograph with many from the foreign press, agents of businessmen, and anyone who has an interest in being in government wanted to be near the maybe POTUS if he was elected. Every foreign consulate general had their people in the place as reporters. So it would not be uncommon to be photograph by every nation in the UN at the convention.

If it happen to the Republican convention it would have been the same for the Democrat convention as well.

It is not unknown in the media world that a news bureau that have trouble getting into the convention would hired a stringer pay him/her expenses and get needed coverage.

Today stringers could just as well be family members of the candidate, which gives the news outlet insider scoops.



Curse be to me that when I was young that I loved the bang of fireworks going off. Ringing in the ears while it hurt was part of growing up, but far did I know that it would lower my ability to hear. As I grew older and wiser do I kick my young self for being so stupid.

Falling asleep in front of the TV was common for the sound of the TV did keep me awake. Even now me sitting and a voice of another and I will doze off as they speak, for most of the time my hearing is not hearing. It can be improved by buying some device to increase the sound of words being spoken, but again those words will be forgotten within minutes of them being spoken.

How many people will remember the sound of music if that sound hurts the ears. If the sound cause a ringing sound hours after the event then hearing damage might have occur.

Local night clubs are limiting the level of sound that speakers can put out just to be on the safe side. Where concerts have large number of fans who screams over ride the music being played. The sound engineer will keep the speakers within a safe level even if the fans are not.

I have learn to bring ear plugs with me for where ever I go any sound system can be a pain if those speakers output is more than 90 db. Wearing of my earmuffs to further block the noise has me looked like a fool, but my ears no longer ring.

Apple is bringing out an Series 4 Watch where it has an Noise app to show the level of sound and if it gets above a level then it tells the wearer of the danger.





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