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President's Note

This assures the continuation of many IPCC monthly "Third Thursday Visiting Guest Speaker" programs at a venue of the highest caliber.

This ongoing relationship was forged through the efforts of our long-term President Emeritus, Lee Salberg, which continues to be the highlight of our monthly meetings. As with some things, change for change's sake was attempted. Sometimes efforts succeed; sometimes, they don't. We are now fortunate to have been able to renew our relationship.
Almost immediately, events took shape and proliferated. We hosted a U.S. Governmental Public Affairs Officer and subsequent speakers. The ULCC venue then gave rise to diplomatic invitations for our membership to partake in events hosted by Turkish, Pakistani, Indian and Argentine missions here in Chicago!

At the invitation of the Chicago Alfa Romeo Owners Club (CAROC), IPCC members enjoyed a special Family Day event at the CAROC yearly track event at Black Hawk Farms Raceway in June, which the Alfa Club privately reserves for the day each year. This allowed us all the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with a number of exotic race and sports cars. Many of us also enjoyed a healthy dose of track time during their Touring Session. A senior member of the Pakistani Consulate/Mission and an affiliated journalist joined us on the track as well!

In that vein, IPCC was represented at the most prestigious Vintage Motoring event in the World, the Mille Miglia 2019! Starting in Brescia, Italy, the Mille Miglia, or 1,000-mile race, is primarily open to vintage motoring icons of the early 1920s to the late 1950s. Capped at 450 entries, this limited field of Proven Providence, Pedigreed and highly original, many "one-of" sports and classic Grand Touring vehicles from all over the World, gather once a year on the race's anniversary, or close to it, in May.

Each vehicle and its proper period-appropriately dressed navigator/driver team and maintenance crew, embark at split-second release times from City Center Brescia with the end goal being to successfully retrace the route of the first race down to Rome and back again over side roads for five days. It is an understatement to say that these autos represent many of the last fully-functioning examples of their types still in existence!  Happily, for the CAROC guys, vintage Alfas took top honors this year!

As a direct result of IPCC participation in events such as the MM 2019, our Monthly Visiting Guest Speaker Programs, various social events, and first half

2019 Diplomatic venues, we are now looking at no less than four Diplomatic Guest Speaker luncheons hosted at various consulates in Chicago,  for 2020!

With upcoming Fourth Quarter 2019 events yet to unfold including a World-class author, a prominent educator and a few surprises yet to be announced, our 2019 list of events is far from over for this year!.
On the membership side, we are experiencing a surge in new members from among the Indian Press. pending members from the Pakistani Press, a television personality from Venice, Italy and a member of a Chicago daily newspaper to name a few!

Additionally, multiple Diplomatic Missions and their staffs are already planning to join our membership next summer at the CAROC-approved, IPCC Family Day, complete with pop-up canopies, grills, and race day participation in June 2020! We're also planning to cover the Milia Miglia 2020 and have already been invited by the same MM race organizers to cover their inaugural Winter 2019 MM-style 1200 kilometer this December!  This variant race is only open to a select few Vintage Autos ( years 1919 through 1973) which will race through the Italian, Swiss, Austrian and German Alps over a period once more, of five days for the honor of being the first place winner of the very first Winter MM! 
With all these activities already in the works for 2020, I can hardly wait to see what else will unfold as we complete our full calendar of "normal" events!

The future is looking bright as we at the IPCC strive to continue fostering understanding and international goodwill among the foreign press and their respective countries' representatives here in the Windy City!

Until next time,
Wayne C. Toberman, President



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